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Mold Patterns of Soft Capsules
Innovative Formulation for Pharmaceutical Drugs ミ the Soft Gelatin Capsule
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Guaranteed superior content uniformity that cannot be achieved by other drug formulation
High-degree of precision of fill material
Strong adhesion to prevent leakage
Accommodates highly viscous compounds and hydrophilic compounds as fill material
Ability to quickly dissolve in the digestive tract
Enhanced absorption and bioavailability
Masks strong odor and unpleasant taste
Fill material capacity from 50 mg to more than 2,000 mg
Protects against oxidation and light/UV for product stability
Manufacturing process takes place under room temperature, thus suitable for compounds with a low melting point
Gelatin sheets, G, are fed between two rotating die rolls, and are simultaneously formed into two halves of a capsule. The appropriate volume of fill material is measured and dispensed by the fill injector pump, P, and the fill material is instantly encapsulated. Temperature necessary to adhere and encapsulate is applied to gelatin sheet, G, by the wedge-shaped segment, S, and necessary pressure for encapsulation is applied by the die rolls, D. Movement of the die rolls and fill injector pump, P, is perfectly synchronized so that there is no fill material loss or air leakage into the capsule. Precision of fill injector pump, P, permits greater fill uniformity which leads to higher yield.
Soft Capsule Image